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Rosie's journey from a busy working mum to a thriving personal trainer through her life changing journey with Train with Anna

Rosie was at a lost corner, a busy mum of two feeling at a dead end with her body and mindset. She had the aspiration to make a change, but had no idea where to turn or how to approach it.

Full of life and personality Rosie was ready to feel incredible, but felt she would never get there. Inside feeling like a failure before she had even begun.

One of the most incredible parts of her journey was that she actually had back surgery mid way through her diet. Working around a major back injury did not stop us helping her achieve the life of her dreams.

The results of her transformation have been so inspiring to others she completed her own personal training qualification to help others the way we helped her.

“You have completely changed my life, I literally cannot thank you enough. You’ve given me my purpose and aspiration back which is mega.”




This journey has by absolute no means been easy for Rosie, she had many hurdles thrown her way. But we didnt let her quit on herself.

Rosie felt lost after years of yoyo dieting, as a busy mum of 2 children she thought the only way she would ever get “ time” was through quick fix crash diets. This left her feeling drained, lethargic and without any substantial result.

She became full of doubt that this goal would never happen, she ended up accepting that this is where she would have to stay.

Over the years of yoyo dieting and having a major back injury whilst running around after 2 children she felt drained and exhausted.

But she always turned up with a brave face, because it’s life right?

By no means did this journey come easy to Rosie, with 2 children life was busy along with lockdowns and we had our fair share of hurdles. But she had us and that's where this changed for her.


Like most women, the first thought was “I don’t have time to do it Anna”

This is where we come in, we actually helped her see she did have time. She just did not utilise the time as she could.

The hours spent on social media keeping you up late, the time sitting on the sofa in the evening regretting the day’s food intake that’s been consumed.

We introduced simple, easy meal plans for Rosie to educate her on “ what” to eat and how to do it quickly and easily around her children.

No time for the gym? We adapted to home workouts & utilised her peloton bike at home. We always find a way for you to achieve and that’s why this worked so well for her.

“This photo does not mark the end of my journey but the BEGINNING OF THE REST OF MY LIFE”



Rosie had a major back operation mid way through our journey, we had dropped almost 2 stone in body fat and she was on the edge of breaking through to the next part of her journey but the operation had to come first.

She took her time to recover, then as soon as we had the doctor all clear. We eased Rosie slowly back into exercise.

Week by week we progressed her back into her old routine, giving her the hope she could achieve what she wanted despite having a set back.

We would not let Rosie not complete something that would change her life.

This journey turned her life around in so many ways that she never expected.


After the photoshoot we took Rosie into a maintenance phase where she would gain the muscle and lean physique she dreamed of.

We progressed her training, aided her in the education she needed to get strong and sexy!

Her confidence went from strength to strength and she started to achieve things she never expected too.

She transformed from the women scared to go on a girls night due to lacking confidence to the women leading from the front.

“This is where i have always wanted to be but never been sure how to get there”


“ I never thought i could do this and let alone be confident enough to share it on social media”

“I am proud of my hard work
I am confident
I am living my dream and helping other women to feel amazing in their own skin
I have done this for me”


We show you the women who put in the work.

Everyone’s results are different, depending on your genetics. You will not look exactly like any of our clients.

The result will only come if you put the hard work in, we cannot do your steps, put the food in your mouth or train for you. BUT we will give you everything you need to do so & to make it as easy as possible for you.

You do not necessarily have to exercise more than you are now, we will teach you how to exercise effectively in the time you have.

You will have to work hard, this will not come easy. But your outcome will be worth every single second you put in.

We do not work with women for a short term fix, we will take you to a final destination where you can maintain your results. If you commit the time & effort into the plan.

There is no best starting point, if you are new to this then this is the perfect opportunity for you to learn.

We pride ourselves of being the leading female online coaches, we work with women worldwide to achieve outstanding results and to achieve permanent lifestyle changes. Our results are an outcome of our commitment to our clients and their work ethic.

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