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8 Weeks With Anna!


8 weeks with Anna is the open door opportunity to finally get started into your fat loss journey WITHOUT extreme dieting. With a high level of experience coaching 350+ women via 1-2-1 coaching Anna has now created the ultimate fat loss challenge that will enable you to move further towards your fat loss goal than ever before.


This is ideal for you if you are unable to commit or cannot join our 1-2-1 coaching team right now, we will ensure you receive everything you need to get started on your fat loss journey via our very own group coaching programme.


Hours of HIIT training


30 day fad diets that cause you to gain the fat back


Restricting calories causing weekend overindulgence

This 8 week group challenge will guarantee sustainable results , education and enjoyment WHILST losing body fat. You will finally be able to understand how to eat, train and enjoy your results without extreme restrictions.

If you’re fed up of yoyo dieting or training 5 times a week and seeing on results. This is your opportunity to find that way forward to getting the results you deserve.

What Does 8WWA Include?

My Fitness Pal Guide

Your very own guide to assist you on the app we use to track our calories

Personalised Calorie goal

Your own personalised calorie & macro goal to YOUR goal.

Recipe Book

Your very own 8wwa recipe book with my favourite, quick and high protein meals. These have calories & macros to make your tracking easy.

Training plan

Personalised training programme to home or the gym.

Weekly live Q&As.

Weekly group zoom calls for live Q&As available to you every single week with Anna

Meal Planner

Your very own meal planner where you can create your own meal plans with our extensive library of foods that have macros and calories loaded in

Cardio & Step Goal

You will be informed of your very own step & cardio goal for the 8 weeks

Facebook Community

You join into our very own community, with weekly competitions and check ins on the group you can be held accountable.


I just wanted to say thank you SO much for the education and the tools you have given me over the last 8 weeks. I keep waking up feeling leaner by the day. Thank you this has been amazing and completely changed my mind set, I am loving the progress and cannot wait for the next 8 weeks.


16lb dropped in total and a dropped a dress size. I feel frigging awesome and cannot wait for the next intake. Thank you ladies for your support and Anna for setting this programme up. This came along at just the right time for me, I had put on a bit of weight during lockdown and lost motivation with the gym being closed. I love your tough love approach and have found being educated to be so helpful at making healthier choices.



Who is this program for?

This programme is perfect for anyone wanting to

– Loose body fat
– Create strength & structure
– Want to learn and educate themselves about sustainable results

Who would this programme not suit?

If you are looking to peruse a surplus of calories to create muscle gain without needing any fat loss support.

If you have been underdieting and are in need of 1-2-1 support to increase your calorie intake.

This is a group based programme, the two things above require 1-2-1 support and check ins weekly.

You can apply for our coaching here –

What does this programme include?

– Personalized calorie and macronutrient goal
– A nutrition planner to plan meals
– Personalised training programme to home or the gym
– Weekly zoom calls for live Q&A
– Live workouts

– How to use my fitness pal guide


Why will this work for me better than what I have tried before?

The reason that 90% of women do not get results is because what they are trying is not sustainable. In order for something to be effective you need to be able to continue it for more than 3 weeks.

8 weeks with Anna gives you the chance to become educated and confident in actually understanding the importance of eating well, eating enough and moving your body to create the results you want.

I promise you if you follow my guidance and commit yourself to the programme you will create a result you never want to loose.

I will give you everything you need to get the results you need and to understand how to apply yourself to these goals.

I am a vegan/veggie or have dietary requirements will this work for me?

Absolutely, we provide you with the tools you need to move forward regardless of what position you are in with dietary requirements.

I have an injury; will this be okay for me?

We recommend dropping us a message first, if we think we can coach you safely then of course.

I have some events coming up and I’m busy with work, should I wait?

Absolutely not, as I mentioned this has to fit into your lifestyle to ensure its sustainable for you. You can adapt around social events with my guidance. I have worked with hundreds of women to enable them to adapt around busy work schedules.

Can I train at home or the gym?

Yes!! Your training plan is adapted around your workout environment not ours. Let us know what one you will be using when you start, and we will personalise around that for you.

Do I get a meal plan?

Through my experience of coaching hundreds of women 1-2-1, the best method is to use something that’s sustainable and manageable. Meal plans are extremely restricted and tough to manage. Especially with social events!

We have a meal planner which is personalised to your calories with hundreds of foods so you can plan your day with that.

We also have a “how to use MyFitnessPal” guide! This will enable you to learn whilst making progress.

Does this programme account for all fitness and experience ability’s?

YES! We coach beginners and coaches. Every ability is welcome.

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