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We take women like you, who have dieted for years, feeling lost and overwhelmed with how to tackle their diets to a lifestyle where everything feels second nature. Our average loss in 30 days is 3-4kg. That is 8lbs. Ready for that to be you?

Let me guess, you have been here before right?

Searching for that “ way” that top secret quick fix to achieving the body you dream of in your head. You wish you could walk past people with confidence, even venturing out in your new leather pants on that girls night out.But here in reality, you’re stuck in a constant back and forth loop of yoyo dieting, year after year hitting the same shit every single week and month.

You're now wearing oversized clothes to cover up your problem body areas because you're too ashamed to show anyone what is really going on.

You try every single Monday, but fail by Friday because your old self creeps back in and says “fuck it. What’s the point?” I won't ever get there anyway.

You go back to the over restrictive diets you know so well on a Monday, the shake diet, the Joe wicks no carb diet, the slimming world fan club.

None of which work, but you’re persistent because Debbie next door lost 6lbs and you’re convinced you can do that too. But deep inside, you know it won’t ever really work for any length of time. But the thought of being 5lbs down quicker is attractive and you feel at a point of desperation.

Don't take our word for it! Heres our clients progressing..


Imagine how much energy you’re draining from yourself, constantly in this battle for the last 5, 10 or 15+ years.
In a constant cycle of trying to diet and never actually getting where you want.

What would you do if I told you.. I have the answer!

I know you may have read that before.. but you have already seen our Instagram page & the matter of the fact is you KNOW we get results. We actually get superior results to others.. want to know why?

Firstly, we get it. We have been there, we understand where you are right now and the struggles you are facing.

We work with busy women, business owners, working mums, full time mums, women who study and work long hours. You name it, we have done it.

Our program is specifically designed for women who do not have time.

So you can focus on applying yourself to the programme and we can make sure it’s possible for you. If you’re ready to take the leap, the leap that will change your life. Hit our application link below to book a transformation call with us today.


See the results and feedback for yourself

A huge part of the Train With Anna programme is educating you, I want you to be able to maintain your results and feel confident in your knowledge.


I struggle for time, I have a busy life. How will this work for me?

We promise you, there is a way. We work with busy women everyday to ensure this works for them. Every single client has a personalized and tailored approach, we will adapt until we find the right way forward for you.

How much support do I get?

We have varied programmes that offer different levels of support. Depending on what support you need, we have a way that suits you. Our clients can contact us on whatsapp everyday, there are no limitations to how much we can communicate along with your weekly check in feedback.

I like going out for meals, does this have to stop?

Absolutely not, we are advocates of ensuring you get to enjoy your every week events whilst dropping body fat. Every one of our clients enjoys social events with friends whilst on our programme. We are here to educate you on the “ how”

I can never stick to a diet, it's always so hard.

We have varied approaches to ensuring the diet suits you, we work from meal plans where we tell you what to eat along with tracking your own food and teaching you how to do so if preferred. Our clients have “ freedom” days on their diets too, allowing you to have a more relaxed approach to your weight loss to ensure you fall out of the overeat and restrict cycle.

I am worried I will fail, I am scared to take the risk

You can only fail if you never try, moving forward even 1% weekly will mean you’re making progress. We are here to help you progress your mindset as wel as your body, meaning we can help you become the woman you dream of.


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